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At the same time the fresh bride-to-be has their locks-do to make-up-and embraces the initial website visitors – close nearest and dearest, family members and the maid of honor

The newest “kumove” in the Bulgarian relationships

The latest “kumove” from inside the Bulgaria are generally two and you may close friends away from the brand new newly wedded couples, but it is and additionally not unusual for them to never be related. Bulgarians very barely keeps brothers, sisters or any other family unit members just like the “kumove”, however, that takes place both too.

  • New „kumove” of one’s groom’s moms and dads become of those to possess your as well. In the event that’s not possible after that kids can be „kumove“.
  • The fresh new „kumove” is going to be partnered.
  • The fresh new „kumove” choose the bouquet, new bride’s shoes, the marriage glasses, the routine money.
  • New „kumove” is an adult loved ones, that will getting spiritual “parents” and you may mentors to the newly wedded couples.
  • They are the a few witnesses required by legislation at civil matrimony.
  • The 2 features a job during the Orthodox religious ceremony. Normally the fresh new “kuma” takes part in a small ritual to the wedding rings and you may new “kum” toward buying and selling of your own crowns. It’s a total significance of them to be Orthodox Christians.
  • The new “kum” earnestly assists the fresh groom in the routine of “to find or stealing brand new fiance”.
  • Brand new “kuma” always merchandise the fresh new fiance to your wedding bouquet and works the fresh new routine away from “veiling” – she attempts to place the bride’s veil to the bride’s head, just who of the tradition is always to turn it down double and you may deal with it into the 3rd test.
  • The new “kumove” take part in new photoshoot with the newly weds at most wedding receptions.
  • On reception brand new “kum” offers the first toast through to the start of dances, leads on a single or higher “horo” dances. Afterwards at night new „kum“ in addition to “kuma” be involved in a dance ritual “kumova rachenitsa” where they dance with a couple out of dancers meanwhile trying so you can steal from them the special honors – a routine money and you will good flamboyantly decorated roasted chicken.


Rakia is the federal alcoholic drink of all of the of one’s Balkan countries. In the Bulgaria discover size house production and more than sometimes it are produced from fermented red grapes or plums. Lesser known but highly venerated try apricot and you may quince rakia (more popular from inside the neighbouring Serbia). The latest alcoholic beverages articles in the rakia varies from forty to help you 60% alcohol from the frequency, and that is a small mistaken.

Previously there was a well-known community when from the delivery out-of children a dad sets apart yet another number from rakia that is to be leftover before kid’s matrimony.

If or not there is certainly some rakia set aside or otherwise not, at the most Bulgarian marriage there is certainly homemade rakia offered, exhibited from 1 or perhaps the several groups of the brand new newly wedded couples. For this reason one of many unforeseen challenges off putting a beneficial Bulgarian matrimony is seeking compatible number of the same bottle to the handmade rakia together with print of celebratory labels. ??

Folklore “horo” dances

Folklore “horo” dances try set of close-in style collective dances, prominent in the Balkan regions. Most frequently the new dancers hold hands and you may form a group and everybody else uses the brand new steps of your own sort of “horo” moving. “Horo” dances was preferred during the Bulgaria and are generally danced during the wedding receptions, birthday celebration functions and all types of formal and you will informal festivals. There are numerous universities and you will dancing instructors. All the region in Bulgaria has numerous specific types of the fresh “horo” dancing.

The marriage DJ-s during the contemporary Bulgarian wedding receptions constantly enjoy anywhere between 5 and you will 10 “horo” dances for the whole nights. The most famous was adult chat room bosnian “upright horo” that is super easy to pick up and i provides observed that many foreign people at the wedding events is also dancing it once a few seconds. Another essential issue to have “horo” dances is the fact right measures are not one extremely important – Bulgarians have a tendency to stick to the Olympic concept – it is more important for taking area so if you’re a visitor on good Bulgarian matrimony it can be likely that they’ll make an effort to pull you to definitely the fresh new dancefloor once you understand most better that you’ve never ever danced “horo” prior to.

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